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Tom Anderson – Cyborg?

**UPDATED** Am I the only one who’s noticed this? EVIDENCE: Back when Tom started Myspace, he was your first friend. And he had a few photos that he would rotate through, but mostly he used this one as his main … Continue reading

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One particularly interesting piece of personal insanity I just noticed is that I have “Compulsive Appreciation Disorder”. (I totally just made that up. You’re welcome, medical/scientific community.) Even before Facebook allowed you to “like” someone’s post, comment, wit, photo, snarkiness, … Continue reading

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Shadow Copies FTW!

The company I work for uses Quickbooks for their accounting software, and we’ve had some really bizarre problems with it lately. (For anyone interested, we’ve had two different company files suddenly start “losing” payee names from already cut checks and … Continue reading

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