Adventures in Mild OCD

While I’m not quite Obsessive-Compulsive enough to be clinically diagnosed and for it to hamper my day-to-day activities, I have just enough of a touch of it that it does screw with me sometimes. Especially at Subway.

I like Subway sandwiches because they allow me to get actual vegetables in fast food form. Plus there’s one right down the road from work.

Occasionally, however, I return to work with my sandwich, unwrap it, pick it up to bite it…and it’s WRONG. Not as in, I got the wrong sandwich. As in, it’s cut down the wrong (the left) side. It feels ODD to bite into. It’s like my face doesn’t know quite how to approach it and I end up fumbling bites on the closed side, which should be handled only after the open/cut side has been dispatched to the dark recesses of my growling stomach.

The first time I noticed that I had a wrong sandwich, it was actually difficult to eat it. I posted about it on Facebook (because where else would I go for help??) and was met with suggestions such as “turn it upside down” or “eat it from the other end”. Neither of those options work. There’s too much bread at the far end and if I turn it upside down, I have the small part of the bread on the bottom and I’m going to lose all my veggies.

I thought perhaps it was the person making the sandwich that was doing it wrong, but this is the second Subway employee at the same Subway that has inconsistently given me a wrong sandwich, and this is the first time this particular employee has done it to me.

So today, I am full of wrongness sandwich. It tastes the same but feels somehow unsettling.

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