Name Your Own Anxiety Attack

Next week I’m driving up to Atlanta to meet up with my girl-friend Diana who is on a road trip. I have the responsibility of booking the hotel for us, trying to find a good deal, etc. But I’m highly indecisive, especially if there’s even the remote possibility that anyone relying upon my judgement will think I made A BAD CHOICE. And heaven forbid something doesn’t go well because then I feel like it’s MY FAULT.

I have all these pesky requirements like “reasonable rate”, “non-smoking” and “can’t be described as rapey” and was having some difficulty.

Christy: Why do I stress about this so much?

Natalie: You are, again, asking the “Wrong Person”.

Christy: This sucks.

Natalie: Me personally? I like to wait til the last moment and name my price. I live on the EDGE.

Christy: I don’t know how to do that.

Natalie: You mean…I…know how to internet in a way that you don’t?

Christy: Maybe?

Natalie: BRB. I am doing my WINNING DANCE.

Christy: Nice.

Natalie: TGNP pwned!

Christy: I have never named my own price.

Natalie: Shh. Let me revel in this.

Christy: FINE. Revel.

Natalie: So you have to have a priceline account obviously. Login. Then you click “Name Your Own Price!” and you get to pick dates, area of town, and star rating. If there’s an empty room at any hotel fitting your criteria and the hotel has agreed to give it away at X price, your bid is accepted and you win. If not, they ask you to change your criteria or come back tomorrow.

Christy: Okay.

Natalie: I’ve gotten Doubletree’s for $50 before.

(several minutes later)


Natalie: Haha

Christy: I don’t know if I can do this.

Natalie: Hahahaha! You can. The force is with you.

Christy: Crap. I AM A CHICKEN! OH GOD!

Natalie: BAWK BAWK!


Natalie: I like how driving 6 hours one way by yourself through unfamiliar territory is less scary than the method by which you secure your hotel.

Christy: I can’t do it! I just can’t!

So yeah. No hotel yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Name Your Own Anxiety Attack

  1. Diana says:

    Ya know, I could book the hotel…..

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  2. Natalie says:

    Diana, you miss the point of this. Did you not see my winning dance??

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  3. Diana says:

    I need pictures.

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