Paper towel guilt

I’ve tweeted about this before, but I felt it bore mentioning again.

I’ve noticed that almost all the automatic paper towel dispensers I’ve run across in public restrooms make the same noise. It’s a squealing, rough, harsh, mechanical noise.

It sounds like the dispenser is screaming.

I first realized this while I was out at a bar (and was a few beers deep) and was DISTURBED by this revelation. And now I can’t UNHEAR it. Every automatic paper towel dispenser sounds like it’s enduring terrible pain just so I can dry my hands on something other than my pants. It almost makes me want to tell other people “STOP! Do you really need a paper towel?? Nevermind the trees, can’t you hear this device’s PAIN??!”

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  1. Motavis says:

    we have automatic dispenser one that is powered at work. It sounds like a droid from star wars hehe You just wave your hand jedi…
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