Shadow Copies FTW!

The company I work for uses Quickbooks for their accounting software, and we’ve had some really bizarre problems with it lately.

(For anyone interested, we’ve had two different company files suddenly start “losing” payee names from already cut checks and the vendor list. The file just seems to decide to corrupt and start writing data to the wrong tables. So the data is still THERE but you can’t see it and you can’t tell who you wrote a particular check to. Quickbooks support is at a loss as to why.)

Yesterday, we were dealing with the same problems and I was asked how recent our backups were. Back when we first started having issues with the files, I set up Shadow Copies on the drive the files are stored on and set it to take a snapshot every hour so we wouldn’t lose hours of work if the file decided to crap out. (Further proof that I am awesome.)

I went to our CFO’s office to explain to him how to find the previous versions of the files, how they were time-stamped, how to open them to look at them, etc. When he opened the folder for one of the previous versions, I suddenly heard a phantom voice say “Oh wow! That’s cool!!”

The CFO started laughing because I visibly jumped. Apparently, he was on the phone with Quickbooks support and had screen-sharing going, and the Quickbooks guy had never seen this before.

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  1. Diana says:


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  2. Simple Dude says:

    Wow… you’re one of those smart people I’m always hearing about!


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