“Sorry, that one will go to the grave with me.”

A few nights ago, I was attempting to fall asleep in bed. My husband was already asleep, which was unusual since I’m an old lady trapped in a 30-yr-old body and am usually asleep before 10pm.

So there I was, trying to fall asleep, letting my mind wander. And in my head, I started imagining being on a talk show, giving an interview about comedy (because I’m obviously highly qualified) and about embellishing stories to make them funnier (not that I ever do) versus not embellishing.

In my head, I said to the interviewer “There are some moments though that are so perfectly hysterical that they require no embellishment at all. For instance, I can say the phrase ‘baby leg’ and I know my friend Natalie is going to fall off her couch laughing and possibly injure herself. No, I can’t tell you why. I can never ever tell that story.”

Suddenly, I snerked. Then I snorted. And then I had to work really hard to contain myself from bursting into sudden gales laughter in the dark silent bedroom and totally freaking my husband out because right at that moment, it was so damn funny inside my head.

I am insane.

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