Terrible, TERRIBLE things.

Natalie was told this story second-hand but it was so awesomely terrible that I had to share it here.

I just witnessed something horrifying.

A dude walked into the computer lab with lunch…which consisted of:

a sleeve of rice cakes…and a can of Manwich sauce.

I’ll pause here and give you time to retch.

Okay, ready?

One by one, he would break up the rice cakes, styrofoam-like puffy rice all over the keyboards, and dunk a wedge into the Manwich can. And then shove the saucey, crunchy mess into his waiting rice-cake-hole.


I am so horrified by this mental image that I’m working a new phrase into my lexicon.

From this moment on, the combination of a can of Manwich and a sleeve of rice cakes shall be a euphemism for terrible, TERRIBLE things.

“That outfit is worse than a can of Manwich and a sleeve of rice cakes.”

“Today is turning into a Manwich and rice cakes kind of day.”


“Shut your waiting rice-cake-hole!”

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  1. Dave says:

    I just +1’ed this and I’m not even sure for which totally awesome/terrible part.

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