The Lunch Curse

I have a habit of killing potential new places for lunch. As in, businesses should pay ME to not attempt to eat there.

Evidence #1:

About two years ago, I packed up like, 8 people from work and took them across town to a new cheeseburger place that had been advertised EVERYWHERE. Literally, you couldn’t get away from the ads. They were on TV, on the radio, in the local paper, etc. It was called Cheeburger Cheeburger. It sounded awesome, in that you could build your own custom burger. So we loaded up two carloads of people and went to check it out.

The place was closed down. As in, OUT OF FREAKING BUSINESS. I got lots of crap about it. Ha ha, whatever.

Evidence #2:

About a year ago, I got lunch coupons from a place called The Rock Bar. I had made friends with the bartender, had eaten dinner there and he had given me coupons to come back for lunch since it was near where I work. I was understandably gunshy and so only rounded up one carload of people THE NEXT MONDAY and drove over there.

It was closed. The sign on the door said they weren’t open on Mondays. I got more crap about it based on the previous incident. But we decided to try again the next day.

It was still closed. Even though the signs all said it should have been open.

And it went out of business shortly thereafter.

Evidence #3:

Today I was invited by three girls at work to go eat at a new place called French Fry Heaven, which apparently only serves french fries. We piled into the car, all excited about which toppings we were going to get, etc. But once we got to the location, we were having trouble finding it.

Finally, we noticed an approximately 11×17″ sign that read something like

“Bummer! Our construction has been delayed and we are not open yet! Come visit us soon! Love, French Fry Heaven”




So now, because I’ve ATTEMPTED to eat there for lunch, they’ll never open.

Sorry, French Fry Heaven.

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6 Responses to The Lunch Curse

  1. Diana says:

    You are cursed from eating tasty foods!

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  2. JIm M says:

    I heard Google+ is going to shut down.

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  3. Matt says:

    Poor Christy. Maybe you should wait like, I dunno, a good couple years before trying another new place? I believe you may be single handedly destroying the economy in your state, dear, heh

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  4. Dana Strange says:

    With my knack for disaster and your ability to shut things down, we should band together and become SUPER VILLAINS. (I always wanted to try out being a bad guy)

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