Tom Anderson – Cyborg?


Am I the only one who’s noticed this?


Back when Tom started Myspace, he was your first friend. And he had a few photos that he would rotate through, but mostly he used this one as his main profile pic.

Tom Anderson's Myspace Profile

Admit it. Most of you removed him from your friends. Snobs.

Facebook came along. Then came the great war of Myspace vs Facebook. Then the great migration from Myspace to Facebook. Then Tom sold Myspace for a bajillion dollars and could do whatever the hell he wanted. And what did he do?

He opened a Facebook account, naturally.

(That timeline may be off, but stop arguing semantics and work with me here.)

Tom Anderson's Facebook Page

Gosh, that photo looks familiar.

Hold the phone, people!

Myspace launched in 2003. Facebook wasn’t available to the general public until 2006. So at BEST, if Tom opened a Facebook account the same year it became publicly available, he was already using a three-year-old photo. Tom left Myspace as a contributor in 2009, so at WORST if he opened a Facebook account after he left, he was using a six-year-old photo.

I think you see where I’m going with this.

Google+ came out this year. (::swoon::) Tom, being the social networking guru that he is, was one of the first to sign up for an account to check it out. He wrote a lot of really insightful posts about social networking and what he thought Google was doing right that Myspace hadn’t. We all listened (the guy does know what he’s talking about) but did we pay attention? NO.

Tom Anderson's Google+ Account

Something smells rotten in Denmark...

WTF, Tom? In eight years, you haven’t taken a single new profile pic? It’s unpossible that you look exactly the same as you did back in 2003. Fishy, some might say. INCONCEIVABLE, some might say. HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS, perhaps.

The only logical conclusion is that Tom Anderson is actually a cyborg and is avoiding the Dick-Clark-bot syndrome. Either that, or he’s been built and maintained by a much better team.


So full of botox and preservatives, he can barely speak.

The only way to disprove this theory is if Tom Anderson HIMSELF tells me he’s not a cyborg. And to prove it, he has to send me a current photo of himself with a #2 pencil behind his ear. I don’t see this as an outlandish request.

Tom, if you’re reading…

::makes the “my-eyes-your-eyes” finger motion::

…I’m onto you.


I woke up around 4:45am this morning and sleepily glanced over at my iPhone alarm. I saw a notification hovering on the screen to the tune of “@myspacetom has mentioned you in a tweet!”

Well, that woke me up. He had this to say.

Tom Anderson Tweet 1

Very clever, Mr. Anderson.


And since I had both Tweeted this post to him AND tagged him when I posted it to Google+, he responded on G+ as well.

Tom Anderson Response 2

He's really a nice guy...even if he won't admit he's living a real life "Ghost In The Shell" scenario.

Still no #2 pencil photo, but I’m holding out hope. After all, it’s still early and he doesn’t have to get up for work. And he might have to run down to the store to buy pencils.

*****UPDATE #2!!1!*****

Tom is paying attention!

Conversation with Tom

There was too much goodness to not post it all.

Still no photo.


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    When are you going to post about that Natalie girl again? She’s so awesome.

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  4. What do you have against cyborgs?

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