Uploading correctly-oriented iPhone videos to WordPress

When I attempted to upload a video from my iPhone to my blog using the WordPress app, the videos kept publishing sideways. While this had some comedic value, it looked pretty “low-rent”. In order to do the project I was trying to do, I needed to be able to upload videos straight from my phone to my blog without needing to re-orient them using desktop software.

The WordPress forums were no help because they were just directing users to buy their videopress service to gain access to video editing tools. That wasn’t going to work for me either.

I found an app in the Appstore, however, called Rotate Video HD. It allows you to rotate iPhone videos right on your phone and allows you to save them in “compatibility mode” for use with other applications.

Oh really?

It works like a charm. It’s easy to use, doesn’t overwrite your original video and saves it in comparable quality as the original. I uploaded my newly compatible file and it displayed perfectly. FTW!

WordPress, you can keep your video editing upgrade for now. I’m good.

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  1. David says:

    THANK YOU!! I searched around for a while looking for a solution to this very annoying problem. I bought the app….and it actually worked! Thanks! – David

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