Shirt of the Now – Friday, 10/21/2011

This is a t-shirt that I made on The premise behind it was that a ball that encountered no friction whatsoever would not have the ability to roll because it would need some sort of friction to actually start moving. (For reference)

The more you know! (Dooo dooo doo DOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)

Shirt of the Now - 10/21/2011

Ba dump SHING!

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2 Responses to Shirt of the Now – Friday, 10/21/2011

  1. Acadia says:

    That’s smart. Too bad lots of people won’t understand it which means it might as well say “please stare at my cans with a puzzled look on your face and then walk off looking in the air and talking quietly to yourself”

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  2. Alan says:

    I feel like this should become part of a XKCD comic.

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