Skype’s New Moonwalks and Poofs of Smoke

If you use Skype, you’re probably familiar with chat tags that invoke little animated emoticons.

Two of my favorites have been the (dance) tag and the (ninja) tag , (OF COURSE).

For a while, there has been some debate between Skype users as to whether the (ninja) tag was actually a ninja or a gay Broadway line-dancing instructor. Likewise, the (dance) tag looked more like a zombie shuffling toward you to eat your brainz.

However, Skype just rolled out updates to their tags and they have since removed all doubt as to what their emoticons are supposed to be! BEHOLD!

Skype Dance Skype Ninja

The new (dance) is an actual “John Travolta” a la Saturday Night Fever guy doing the Moonwalk!

AND the new (ninja) is an honest-for-realz actual weapon-wielding ninja that disappears into a poof of smoke!

For The Freaking Win!

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Skype's New Moonwalks and Poofs of Smoke, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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