Things I do when I’m by myself

Not long ago, I found myself at home alone, bored. Usually this scenario results in me painting, making jewelry or screwing around on the internet for hours at a time. Other times, it results in AWESOME.

This was one of those times.

I don’t know what reminded me of it, but I suddenly remembered an image I’d seen on the interwebs years ago about how to make a ninja mask from a black t-shirt. A quick Google search later and I’d found the original. (Click for full-size instructions)

You are now ready for battle, young one.

Since I had no one there to walk in and ask me what the hell I was doing, I absolutely had to “get my ninja on”.


I am Mirishikiarichifu Shikarinarikufu, night-walker. FEAR ME!

Now, since I’ve provided you with the necessary instructions, you may also “get your ninja on” and join the silent horde of TGNP (Techno-Geek Ninja Princess?). If you do, post a link to your picture in the comments!

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4 Responses to Things I do when I’m by myself

  1. Acadia says:

    All my T-Shirts are mesh.


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  2. Susan says:

    Will this work with pink? Or maybe a Cookie Monster blue? I seem to have quite a few (obsessmuch?) Cookie Monster t-shirts.

    Please advise.

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    • tgnp says:

      Sorry I couldn’t respond right away. Yes! I would never judge you for your ninja color choices!

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  3. Ted Wojciechowski says:

    Wow! Thats a loooonnnggg ninja name. I would be scared if I had a long name like that! Oh wait…crap!… I do have a long name like that. Wait! I’ll change it to Yakazutski “The Polish” Ninja. High yah! Oops I tripped. Read this post like your watching an old subtitled Godzilla and Mothra movie. 😉

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