Mr. Jack

This is Mr. Jack.

Screw you.

Mr. Jack is a Betta Splendens fishie that lives on top of my bookshelf. He’s a beautiful shade of slate blue and he’s an ornery little cuss.

A little backstory on Mr. Jack;

He’s a bit of an alcoholic. He’s a bourbon drinker but since ethanol is toxic to fishies, he’s not allowed to have it. This means he’s angry ALL THE TIME.

He’s angry when I walk past his bowl because he assumes I’m mocking him. He’s angry when I go to feed him because he only gets Betta flakes and freeze-dried worms instead of bourbon.

Once I put my ear really close to the bowl and I could have sworn I heard him cursing at me.

He’s also a complete slob and refuses to clean up after himself so I have to change the water in his bowl fairly often.

What IS that crap? CRAP??! Oh, that's just nasty.

Tonight was “housekeeping” night, which is why the preceding pictures show him sulking inside a Solo cup. I’d be more concerned about preserving his dignity if he were more polite but he made a rude gesture at me earlier this evening so I had very little sympathy for him tonight.

Here he is in his normal digs, which are pretty nice for an anti-social bachelor fishie.

He's just one of those people who are happy being miserable. ::sigh::

Even after cleaning his bowl (which was a veritable pig sty), he still gave me the stink eye when I asked him to pose for a photo.

I'm pretty sure that's Betta Fishie speak for "Eff you."

I’d get him a laptop, but I don’t want my IP banned because he’s trolling sites.

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2 Responses to Mr. Jack

  1. Jo says:

    Oh man, you are BRAVE. Alcohol-deprived Betta fish with an attitude? I’d be scared of him all of the time. Don’t leave any weapons out near him, k?

    He might be worth interviewing, though.

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    • tgnp says:

      I don’t even know how he got hooked on it (no pun intended) but it was a fight when I brought him home from the pet store!

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