“I know the mayor!”

So this happened!

Just Wow!

Then a barrage of tweets at Mr. Paul Christoforo’s horribly misspelled Twitter account @oceanmarketting. This set I found highly interesting.

Scott Lowe is the Executive Editor of IGN

Then Paul abandoned that account, as if the internet would just stare at it flopping on the floor and wonder where he went. Someone snagged it and is now using it to promote indie games and gaming charities. (Kudos to you, mysterious stranger!)

Paul adopted a different Twitter account @oceanstratagy (still misspelled), as if that was different enough to throw off suspicion.

I found the story after The Bloggess tweeted the link. Penny Arcade’s servers were barely able to handle the traffic at that point.

GamingMistress at sfx-360.com posted the story and various updates here.

Don’t forget the plagiarism on oceanmarketinginc.com’s website that someone on Twitter discovered! (If anyone knows who originally did the copyscape.com search, let me know and I’ll give them credit here.)

Then someone on Reddit did some digging and found more plagiarism here.

And finally, Paul’s been turned into his own meme!

Kudos to Dave, the poor guy who dealt with this douchebag, for sending the entire transcript to Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade. And kudos to Mike for letting us all know what a complete asshat this guy is.


Paul could just have roid-rage!


Apparently, Paul sent an email apology (found here). I’d like to see Dave or Mike Krahulik confirm receipt of an apology email. Stay tuned!


Paul did send an apology to Mike/Gabe at Penny Arcade, but I have to agree with Mike. This is pure damage control, not genuine remorse. He’s sorry he was exposed as being an asshat, not that he acted like one in the first place. The story also made it to MSNBC‘s website.

Paul also changed his Twitter name to @OceanDeepSea (which is much better spelled but more ambiguous). I just ran across this gem on Twitter courtesy of @BigDaddyDraven.

It’s a good day when bullies can’t hide behind the internet.


What can I say? It just keeps going!

Here is an interview from Kyle Orland of In-Game on MSNBC with Paul Christoforo himself. Not only does he still manage to sound completely unprofessional, it’s obvious he didn’t care who he spewed his venom at until he realized that person just might be one of those all-important “contacts” he’s so concerned about having. While I’m disappointed to hear that he and his family have received threats (Come on, gamers, really??), I doubt his reputation is going to bounce back the way he says he expects it to.


Was just linked to this article at Examiner.com, where considerably more digging has been done into the background of Ocean Marketing, Eli Schwartz aka @TheSchwartz173 (who is apparently helping out N-Control in the aftermath) and David Kotkin of N-Control.

I thought it odd that a Twitter account purporting to represent N-Control in the wake of all this still had sub-par grammar skills and sentence structure. Apparently, this is a high school kid who lists his occupation on Facebook as “DJ”. Hmm … professionalism all around! Why would any company enlist the help of a part-time high schooler with a Twitter account and no company email to answer emails and do damage control for PR after a debacle like this?

Also, according to Forbes.com, David Kotkin is an art teacher who developed the Avenger to assist one of his disabled students.


Just when you thought it would all blow over, it didn’t.

Long story short, N-Control issued a press release saying they are not working with Paul Christoforo any longer and have hired a new (more capable and better worded) PR manager.

However, Christoforo isn’t done digging his own hole. He is refusing to relinquish control of various email addresses and social media accounts that are the property of N-Control, even demanding compensation from the company for his “efforts”.


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  1. Matt says:

    Nice! Although I only gave it an “8” because this was sooooooo 30 minutes ago…


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  2. That story took up my whole day! It was utterly fascinating.

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  3. Acadia says:

    I want to interview the dude’s wife.

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