“Down low … TOO SLOW!”

You know those moments where you’re remembering a scenario and suddenly come up with the most awesome comeback in the history of ever, except that you’re days late?

I know those moments!

I was sitting here at my desk a few minutes ago and remembered the following;

Last week I had a contractor here at the office. We’d wrapped up our meeting for the day and were in my office looking at some data he needed to work on the project we’d hired him to do.

At one point, I let him sit at my desk to more quickly navigate, since he knew what he was looking for. He put his hand on my mouse, paused, picked it up and said, “Umm, do you think you could have found a bigger mouse?”

"What's wrong with it??"

Granted, my mouse is almost the same size as my entire hand. It measures about 5×3″, which is fairly large according to the current standards of “THIS MOUSE IS SO TINY YOU WILL HAVE TROUBLE CLICKING IT BUT IT WILL FIT NICELY IN YOUR JEANS POCKET!”

However, I have this mouse because, A) it goes with my keyboard so I only need one receiver and 2) it has “forward” and “back” buttons on the left side to control my browser. (I’m totally spoiled by 5-button mice.)

I was caught off-guard and said something to the effect of “SO’S YOUR FACE!” and that was the end of it.

Today, however, I came up with the ultimate response;

“The small ones just don’t do it for me.”


What would you have said?

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3 Responses to “Down low … TOO SLOW!”

  1. Acadia says:

    If I had been you I would have said: It matches my giant head!

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  2. Jo says:

    Um….bigger than that, makes it a rat?

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  3. CRJ says:

    Him: “Do you think you could have found a bigger mouse?”
    Me: “Not in your cubicle!”

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