Solar Storm 2012

If you’re at all interested in science, astronomy, space or technology, you may have heard a buzz online about the solar storm that “bombarded” Earth the last few days. The peak was supposed to be on Wednesday (1/25) and it was supposed to allow people in relatively more southern regions the ability to see the Northern Lights, etc.

It also caused some concern for flight navigation, according to National Geographic’s website:

“Because long-distance flights across the polar regions cannot always use satellite-based communication, they rely on traditional radio communication,” Murtagh said.

“However, during a solar-radiation storm, there are frequently extended periods of radio blackout. Adhering to federal aviation regulations then becomes a problem, because flights are required to remain in communication at all times.”

The consensus, however, was that most satellites and technology wouldn’t be hugely affected.


I came in to work on Tuesday morning and found 3 out of 4 hard drives failed on the old dinosaur server I had been planning to replace. This server was running a vital database that needed to be migrated to a new server ASAP so the users could actually do their work. (Today is Thursday and I JUST got them back in error free this morning.)

Not only that but our cable internet connection started flaking out.

Then my phone started doing weird random things like displaying a 12/1/00 date for all my email, rebooting itself, lagging, etc. I even deleted apps to try to free up available space to no avail.

Then, I kid you not, the letter “C” key on my keyboard just quit for no good reason, right in the middle of a Google search trying to set up the OS for the new virtual server to run the database from. About 10 minutes later, it popped back into use.

So far today, everything seems fine. It makes me wonder if my personal magnetism is high enough that I’m a conduit for magnetic energy and I can “zap” things. It would be cool if I could do it AT WILL instead of randomly.


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4 Responses to Solar Storm 2012

  1. Sean says:

    My AT&T 3G was in and out yesterday, a LOT. Certain it was solar storm related. Not effected my arse!

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  2. Susan says:

    Tell that it’s not effecting things to my MIL who just got a text from me…that I had sent to my husband! I checked, it was sent to his phone, received on hers! Good thing I was nice.

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  3. Jo says:

    What a fabulous super-power ‘zapping’ would be….especially at will and not solar related!

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  4. Acadia says:

    I think the takeaway from this is:

    “3 out of 4 hard drives failed on the old dinosaur server I had been planning to replace. This server was running a vital database

    Too many hijinks!

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