Sexy Nerds vs Sexist Nerd Bait™

That’s right. I’m trademarking the term “Sexist Nerd Bait”. I’ll fight you for it!

I’m sick and tired of stumbling across “geek” and “nerd” oriented videos on the web that are so transparently desperate for views that they resort to cheap tactics. Let me say right now that I think the “melodramatic sensual” voice and look are the absolute CHEAPEST way to entice people to watch anything. It’s a completely trite, annoying director faux pas.

Take the chick in the following video, for instance.

Not Power Girl in the preview. It might hurt a bit, but watch at least 30 seconds of the video.

This chick is obviously reading from a script and I’ll bet you a dollar if you asked her personal opinion on Poison Ivy, she’d tell you she LOVES Uma Thurman.

It’s like the conversation between the writers went like this;

Writer 1: “Hmmm…our content isn’t good enough on its own. Let’s have a chick host it who gives the impression that she might do porn on the side. Then people will actually watch!”

Writer 2: “Brilliant!”

::they clink glasses::

While we’re on the subject, who the hell wrote this crap anyway? The dialogue is totally cheesy, has no depth or insight and uses every well-known cliche’ about each character they “feature”. How about giving more than 1 to 2 lines of crap dialogue per Super Heroine? Maybe some … I dunno, facts?

We geeks and nerds LOVE background stories and knowledge. We DO NOT care that you think we should “treat Storm right because she’s used to being treated like a goddess”. Approximately half your target audience has already “treated Storm like a goddess” in their own minds dozens of times over and in more creative ways than you could possibly come up with.

Also, nice black bra strap paired with your red and white halter top, chick. I don’t think those huge fake boobs need much support. They look like they probably don’t move an inch.

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7 Responses to Sexy Nerds vs Sexist Nerd Bait™

  1. Jeans Y says:

    Whenever I see clips like the one you featured – it always feels like there’s some guy with a bra on his head à la Weird Science behind the camera.

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  2. Susan says:

    Excellent rant! I’ll say it first so it doesn’t come off as sexist or objectifying: Great points…where is YOUR list? You should redo this the RIGHT way!

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  3. Acadia says:

    Yeah, if you don’t do a list then this whole article is a SHAM!


    Also, was that not “Obama Girl”?

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  4. She also throws the wimpiest air punches, ever.

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  5. Neil says:

    I admit it… I get sucked into watching some of these videos every once in awhile. I’d like to say it’s because i like to be reminded of heroes i’ve forgotten… like Electra. But in reality I’m just hoping to get a glimpse of real girl skin :P. JK JK

    But seriously, it’s just a marketing ploy to get people to click their links and generate them cash… Or maybe she REALLY WAS curious as to what our favorite chick super heroes was?

    Great find/rant!

    Neil of Geek Slant

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