Hark! It’s a Lark!

Apparently I’ve finally made it on the internet. I was asked to do an actual, honest-to-goodness product review! (And it wasn’t for electronic cigarettes!) I feel special and important! And now I’m the authority on two nifty gadgets I previously knew nothing about!


One of the perks of reviewing products for companies is that you often get the product for FREE. (Score!)

    I’m required to tell you that I got both of these gadgets for free in return for writing up a review.

NOW THAT THAT’S OUT OF THE WAY, we can get to the good part!

Allow me to introduce you to Nightwave and Lark! They sound like an awesome superhero duo, madly in love and out to kick evil right in the kneecaps! ACTUALLY they’re two very cool sleep gadgets. Nightwave helps you fall asleep and Lark wakes you up. TOGETHER, THEY ARE AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE! Or something. I’m probably hyping it a bit.



Unassuming by day...



The Nightwave basically has a bright blue LED that pulses and soothingly lights your bedroom (or your friend’s living room if you’re a couch surfer – I don’t judge). The idea is to breathe in rhythm with the pulses and eventually fall asleep.

I have NO trouble falling asleep (as you’ll see later on in this post). So instead I used my son as a guinea pig, since he’s the 4-year-old embodiment of the phrase “I’m not tired”. He LOVED it. It now belongs to him. Each night, we turn on “the blue light” and it knocks him right out. WIN!

The only strange thing is that it has a “heartbeat mode” that instead of a nice even pulse, is a “thump-thump” as if it’s some sort of glowing blue alien heart contained in a plastic box. CREEPY.


The other awesome doodad I am now in love with is the Lark. This is the coolest alarm I’ve ever seen because it’s SILENT. Instead of a heart-stopping fire alarm or wind chimes or birds chirping or Howard Stern, it vibrates to wake you up.

“Wait, what?”

You heard me!

It comes with a black neoprene-ish wristband and a charging base. The unit in the wristband connects via bluetooth to an iPhone app (sorry Android users). You set your alarm and plug your iPhone into the base to charge overnight. When it’s time, the wristband unit starts vibrating like a bumblebee caught in a spiderweb to wake you up. PLUS, if you fail to either snooze or turn off the alarm within 2 minutes, the app turns into a regular audible alarm as if to say “OKAY, SLEEPING BEAUTY. ENOUGH ALREADY. GET UP.”

I’ve had a rough history with alarms. I hate buzzers, bells and any of the traditional alarm sounds. I don’t like being startled awake. This is a much gentler alternative that WORKS. AND it won’t wake anyone else in case you’re one of those people who like to hit the snooze button repeatedly for 45 minutes before staggering out of bed.

Mah Sleeps


Another added bonus is that it tracks your sleep habits and shows you why you may not feel rested when you wake up, even if you think you slept all night long.

Here are my actual stats as of this posting.

My Stats

My average time to fall asleep was shorter but I stayed up one night after setting the Lark to watch the new Duct Tape episode of Mythbusters and skewed my data. Data Nerd FAIL.

Both were great but I’m absolutely sold on the Lark as my new alarm. Not only is it nicer to wake up to, it satisfies the nerd in me and gives me information! You can get both Lark and Nightwave at Bestbuy.

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7 Responses to Hark! It’s a Lark!

  1. Bobby Knauber says:

    Almost had me sold but one of the deal breakers was iPhone only. I’m sure there are android equivalents, hopefully they have the same nerd stats to comb over as well. Does it provide insight on how to improve your sleep based on your results? Looks like a neat product.

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    • tgnp says:

      It does provide suggestions to improve areas that may be affecting your overall sleep. I was surprised it’s iOS only. Seems like they’d be pigeon-holing themselves.

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  2. Scott D says:

    OMG… you sounded exactly as I thought you would. Weird. And, you talk like you write. Cool. Also, you really should do more video reviews. Serious.

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  3. Marc says:

    Hiya. You’ve probably seen all the nasty comments people have left on your video review. I’m guessing these aren’t readers of your blog, correct? Jeez, I hope not. I have a “comedy” blog where I write some fairly stupid and vulgar stuff–or at least I will in the future if I haven’t already–and even I don’t want readership from these jackasses. Interestingly, your video has almost as many comments as it does views, so they must’ve come en masse from some dimly lit corner of the internet to leave idiotic comments on your video. Do you know where they came from? Just curious as to why they would target you, I guess.


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    • tgnp says:

      Oh geez, don’t remind me! Half those comments made me sick to my stomach to read!

      I suspect it was an evil combination of posting the video publicly, late at night, at prime troll hour. That and maybe the tags. And the fact that I’m a chick. Beyond that, I have no clue.

      Post a link to your site and I’ll check it out.

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      • Marc says:

        Oh, I figured since WordPress asked me for my website before it let me post that you already had it. Well, here it is…I can’t promise it won’t make you sick to your stomach, though! (And it’s not ALL humor, but most of it is.)


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