The Profile Pic Experiment

I love Google+.

I love the open forum, the ability to circle people and not be overly concerned if they don’t circle me back. However, that dynamic lends itself to some annoyances. Namely: The Comment Troll.

I’ve always thought it would be interesting to be bilingual and thanks to the internet, I’m learning to speak fluent “Internet Troll”.

“heres your super cute kisses.”

“helo u r lips calling me show u feet pls rply ok?”


The leading theory is that these trolls are attracted to profile pictures of women (since men don’t get nearly as many of these types of comments). Therefore, I’ve devised an experiment.

I’m going to change my profile picture on Google+ to a photo that, in theory, won’t attract as many creepy flirt comments as a picture of my woman-face. I’ve chosen this one.

Mah Nose

My actual nose.

I’m going to leave all my current photos in my albums. The experiment is to see if the horribly misspelled flirty comments quit. Then again, I may attract a niche nose-fetish group that could be potentially worse.

We shall see!

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6 Responses to The Profile Pic Experiment

  1. Jim M says:

    ohhh! sexy nostrils bb!! cn I hold the kleenix while you blow? I bet you have a hot sniffle! Let’s get together and take some Clariton!

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  2. Nobilis Reed says:

    I don’t know what it is about G+. There’s something particularly strange about the trolls there.

    I’m sure you’ll get somewhat fewer of the weirdos, but your name will attract some, as well.

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  3. Rob G says:

    Ahh, i saw this up a while back, now i get it. Was the experiment successful?

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