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Wednesday night, I got to take photos with the TARDIS!


Note my “You Are Here” galaxy t-shirt and Van Gogh Starry Night socks! And Converse, of course.

My buddy Alan Smith and I both saw a post on Facebook saying there was going to be a full-size TARDIS at the Jacksonville ArtWalk this past Wednesday night and Alan offered to bring his photography gear to take some photos!


I’m ready to travel!

Abby Waldhauer of Jacksonville, FL built her very own TARDIS for a high school project and sets it up at events around Jacksonville. Her friends dress up as characters from Doctor Who (including the 10th Doctor, Rose and Mickey) and have a bunch of props including psychic paper, sonic screwdrivers, the Fake Doctor’s “sonic” screwdriver, etc. They let people take photos with the TARDIS and/or the teens in costume and only ask for donations to Abby’s college fund.


“Umm…where/when are we?”


Alan playing Time Lord


TWO sonic screwdrivers?


Wait…that doesn’t look very “sonic”!

It was a lot of fun to see people gawking at Alan’s setup. He brought a light umbrella, stand, tripod…the works! As if the TARDIS itself weren’t attracting TONS of attention, you really couldn’t miss the photo-shoot setup.

One of my favorite moments was when a couple walked up with their kid and the Dad just stared open-mouthed at the life-size TARDIS. His wife was giggling at him as he managed to stutter “Umm…you…you have a TARDIS!” The best part was he just happened to be wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt.


These are three of Abby’s friends who dressed up as the 10th Doctor, Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith (L to R). PSYCHIC PAPER!

If you’re interested in finding out how to get the TARDIS to show up at your place, check out the Facebook page for details!


Light test shot!

All photos by Alan W. Smith

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