There are few things as satisfying as popping bubble wrap.

bubble wrap

“Oh yeah. That’s the stuff!”

Sometimes you just need to sit for a few hours minutes and pop tiny plastic bubbles between your fingers. Other times you need to take a whole sheet and twist it REALLY HARD so hundreds of bubbles all pop in succession, like a rapid fire pellet gun.


That’s fine. Everyone has their preference. My preferred method is to pop them one at a time, between my fingers, bobbing and weaving between each bubble. There’s a very good reason for this, that just occurred to me. It’s the same reason that bubble wrap simulators are nice but don’t really satisfy that popping desire.

It’s because not every bubble is poppable.

[I tried to find an image of a person with a sad face holding some bubble wrap but THERE AREN’T ANY!]

Sometimes you come across a bad one. A dud. It’s already popped somehow before you got to it. Maybe the edge didn’t seal completely at the bubble wrap manufacturing facility. Maybe it got snagged on something during packing. Maybe the delivery driver sat on your package before you received it. Who knows? But that small variable of uncertainty, that chance that the next bubble you encounter could be flat, makes the poppable bubbles so much more satisfying.

So as I sit here glancing longingly at the piece of bubble wrap I had to lay down long enough to write out this post, I encourage you to find your own piece of bubble wrap and pop EVERY SINGLE BUBBLE. Apply deeper meaning to each bubble if you want. Pretend the bubbles represent all your cares, worries, stresses and disappointments. Or you could pretend each bubble contains a tiny bit of “happy” that needs to be set free.

Or just pretend each bubble is your boss/family member/ex-girlfriend’s face.




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5 Responses to Pop…pop…pop……pop…

  1. Derek says:

    I likes t’ get nekkid ‘n waller around on bubble wrap spread all over the floor or roll myself up in it (still nekkid) ‘n scooch around like a inchworm while th’ bubbles pop against my bare skin.

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  2. Derek says:

    Dang it! My “” and “” tags were dropped.

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  3. Derek says:

    Stupid technology always be tryin’ to hold me down! My “less-than sign”Deliverance hillbilly voice”greater-than sign” and “less-than sign”/Deliverance hillbilly voice”greater-than sign” tags.


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  4. boojay says:

    Derek, how DARE you pose as me, you heathen@@!!

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