From “GAH!” to “SQUEEEE!” in less than an hour.

I’m a fairly new Doctor Who convert, compared to some. A friend sat me down about 2 years ago and made me watch “Blink” (New Season 3, Ep. 10). I was hooked instantly. I began working my way through back episodes, devouring storylines and learning as much as I could about the characters and the mythology. I now own a Sonic Screwdriver (10th Doctor) and more than half a dozen Doctor Who themed t-shirts. I share Dalek jokes on Google+. I have a 6-foot cardboard standup TARDIS in my living room. It’s ridiculous how much I love this show.

Then I saw a link to this;

Doctor Who / Star Trek: TNG Crossover Comic

I wouldn’t describe myself as a Trekkie, per se. I’m more of an enthusiastic watcher. But Star Trek: TNG was one of my favorite shows on tv for a long time. And my first reaction to seeing this comic book cover was

“Ughhhh. No no. This is a bad idea.”

I’m not a big fan of cross-overs. In my experience, the goal of a cross-over show, book, comic, etc has usually been to boost sales or viewers for a failing project. In my mind, neither of these awesome shows were even remotely close to failure so a cros-over was completely unnecessary and was bound to be cheesy.


I clicked through the link to see just how bad it appeared to be. I wanted to be able to intelligently say “This is a terrible idea! Here’s why!”

I soon figured out the second issue was out at the time, so it was still early in the storyline. My next logical thought was whether the first issue was available anywhere online. I found myself sliding down that slope into “hunt mode”. You know, that feeling you get when you’re tracking down something that may not be readily available but YOU’RE going to find it! And then you’re going to hold it high over your head as if to say “BEHOLD MY AWESOME SEARCH POWERS!”

About the time I found myself wondering where the nearest comic book shop was in relation to my office, I stopped. How the heck did I get here? Not even fifteen minutes prior I’d been wrinkling my nose at the entire idea. Somehow it had grown on me and instead of fighting it, I decided to embrace it.

Oh wait! There’s a comic book shop ten minutes away!

I’ve never been a comic book geek. I’m a HUGE internet geek. I’ve played D&D, prefer RPGs to FPSs, etc. I just never got into comics. However, I hopped in the car and drove through lunch-hour traffic to see if I could possibly get my hands on a second issue.

The shop was almost completely empty when I walked in, except for the clerk. I nonchalantly started scanning the shelves to see if I could possibly find what I was looking for before I had to admit I had no idea where to look. I tried to appear as if I knew what I was doing, that I’d done this hundreds of times before. Apparently, I didn’t do a stellar job because a voice chimed in from behind me saying “Are you looking for something in particular?”

“Umm…yes. Do you have the Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who crossover?”

“No, we’re sold out. Sorry.”

My heart kind of sank a little. Well, crap.

“I can get Chip to see if he can order it for you, though.”

I followed the clerk and waited at the register as he went through a door behind the counter. Then he came out following another man. Chip turned out to be a lean, older guy, probably in his mid-50’s, who’d obviously been a nerd his entire life. He was awesome. He took down my information and said he’d do his best to try to get me a #2, though it would take a couple weeks.

Then he said a magical, wonderful phrase.

“Do you need the first issue as well?”

“Yes, actually! Can you get one?”

He smiled and walked to a shelf behind the counter. “I can do better than that. I have one left. Someone ordered it and changed their mind, so I put it aside in case anyone came looking for it.”

I literally let out a “Squeeeeee!” and may have even clapped my hands together. My excitement at tracking down this comic had grown to the point where finding the first issue unexpectedly became almost akin to finding a copy of “Fantastic Four #1”. (See how far I’ve come?)

Achievement Unlocked

It’s amazing how an idea can morph and grow in your head, especially when you have to work for it. It suddenly becomes so much more valuable because of the effort you put into achieving or finding it. The thrill of the hunt can turn even the most mild interest into an exciting adventure. For me, that’s part of being a geek. The thrill and excitement of learning about something new that builds and builds until it totally bubbles over.

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