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My buddy Acadia Einstein of is guest-posting! Here is his tech-blog-style post.

Have you ever saved a bunch of pics or other files in a folder and then been totally convinced that you named it so cleverly that there is NO WAY you can forget what it is? And then later on you completely forget and stare at the folder and wonder what “Falcon” meant?

Well you could go into the folder and start looking at the files, but who has time for that? So you just go past it and then someday when your backup tells you it is going to take 17 hours you know that Falcon is to blame but you still don’t dare to delete it because it might be important.

Well, enter Windows Folder Tab with the simplest thing you could possibly imagine. When you make a folder, the program pops up a small text box allows you to add a quick description of the folder. There are a couple other fun tweaks, too (different icons, etc) but the main thing is that you get to SAY WHAT THE POINT OF THE FOLDER IS!

Later, when you mouse over it, it pops up the description. It also shows in the properties if that’s your bag. But the best part is the mouseover. Now, it is a drawback that once you are IN the folder it doesn’t tell you anything, but at least it’s a start. And the description doesn’t get indexed by Windows search (yet) but it is still better than nothing.

By the way – how crappy is it that Google Desktop Search is going away. That thing is gold!

So remember. You can add descriptions to your folders with Windows Folder Tab

And it is optional. So I don’t need to make a Description for C:\Users\Acadia\Documents\Gallery Stuff\Backups\Old\eeesoft\Log Files\Unix\Dllv because that folder it totally packed with awesome porn.

*wakes up*

Oh crap. Did I dream about that awesome piece of software that doesn’t exist again? Ugh. I will never figure out why I have a folder called “Pepperidge farm animals”

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