People I <3

These are people I think are awesome, so you should read their stuff! GO DO IT, GOSH!

Restrainedly opinionated, eloquent and funny as hell. Interviews with artists, musicians, writers and actors, but with a humorous twist all his own!

Knit In Public
Not just about knitting! Lots of personal observations and snarky humor!

The Bloggess

Hyperbole and a Half
This is the source of the “ALL THE THINGS!” meme. Allie is freaking hysterical.

Simple Dude In A Complex World
Once again, a lot of personal observations and overall snarkiness.

The Animated Woman
Not only is she funny, but she draws cartoons! (One day I’ll convince her to draw me!)

Mike and Kayla
Totally fabulous times TWO!

Facebooking From The Edge
Honest and irreverent day to day musings.

Superficial Gallery

I am sahm, sahm I am?

The Random G33K

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4 Responses to People I <3

  1. Dani says:

    Thanks for the shout out!! xoxoxo Also? Techno-Geek Nerd Princess is the most fabulous title EVER. I hope you wear a sash and a tiara :)

    • tgnp says:

      You are so welcome! I have a tiara…of sorts…okay, it’s a pair of bunny ears, but it goes on my head and it looks AMAZING.

  2. Liz Page says:

    I approve of this list! :)

  3. Susan says:


    I made your list?!

    I. Made. Your. List.


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