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From “GAH!” to “SQUEEEE!” in less than an hour.

I’m a fairly new Doctor Who convert, compared to some. A friend sat me down about 2 years ago and made me watch “Blink” (New Season 3, Ep. 10). I was hooked instantly. I began working my way through back … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Mind the New Geek Pop-Culture Phenomenon

Joe Peacock is a friend of mine, fellow geek, writer and internetter. I suppose you could call it a “friendship”, though it mostly involves the two of us hurling comedic insults at each other via GChat and Facebook. (Jerkface!) Today … Continue reading

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Sexy Nerds vs Sexist Nerd Bait™

That’s right. I’m trademarking the term “Sexist Nerd Bait”. I’ll fight you for it! I’m sick and tired of stumbling across “geek” and “nerd” oriented videos on the web that are so transparently desperate for views that they resort to … Continue reading

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Shirt of the Now – 09/21/2011

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