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The Profile Pic Experiment

I love Google+. I love the open forum, the ability to circle people and not be overly concerned if they don’t circle me back. However, that dynamic lends itself to some annoyances. Namely: The Comment Troll. I’ve always thought it … Continue reading

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I may never shut up about this.

Who has two thumbs and the site with the #1 Google search result for “Powershell AuthorizationManager check failed” and “AuthorizationManager check failed”? THIS CHICK!   Whose website is not only #1 in Google search results for those searches but also … Continue reading

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Tom Anderson – Cyborg?

**UPDATED** Am I the only one who’s noticed this? EVIDENCE: Back when Tom started Myspace, he was your first friend. And he had a few photos that he would rotate through, but mostly he used this one as his main … Continue reading

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I decided to make use of my neglected Twitter account. Most of the reason it’s neglected is because; a) a lot of the people I follow update their Facebook status automatically when they tweet. b) it’s another browser window to … Continue reading

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