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Mr. Jack

This is Mr. Jack. Mr. Jack is a Betta Splendens fishie that lives on top of my bookshelf. He’s a beautiful shade of slate blue and he’s an ornery little cuss. A little backstory on Mr. Jack; He’s a bit … Continue reading

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Halloween 2011

This Halloween, I was having a lot of trouble deciding what costume I should wear/create. That is, until it was suggested to me that I dress up as Copernicus, the Homicidal Monkey. How could that not be AMAZING? “Homicidal Taxidermied … Continue reading

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Quit While You’re Ahead

I believe I’ve alluded before to the fact that I don’t half-ass my adventures or my epic failures. Saturday night was no exception. I had to get myself dolled up in order to take a picture for an online interview … Continue reading

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This is exactly why I have irrational fears.

I’m one of those people who has no problem eating alone. I’m perfectly happy sitting at a table with my own thoughts, or surfing the web on my phone while waiting for my food. Some days I actually enjoy getting … Continue reading

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Paper towel guilt

I’ve tweeted about this before, but I felt it bore mentioning again. I’ve noticed that almost all the automatic paper towel dispensers I’ve run across in public restrooms make the same noise. It’s a squealing, rough, harsh, mechanical noise. It … Continue reading

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Name Your Own Anxiety Attack

Next week I’m driving up to Atlanta to meet up with my girl-friend Diana who is on a road trip. I have the responsibility of booking the hotel for us, trying to find a good deal, etc. But I’m highly … Continue reading

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One of my best friends (let’s call her Samantha) is dating a long-time friend of my husband (let’s call him Dave). Dave is currently going through a nasty divorce, mostly made nasty by his psychotic soon-to-be-ex-wife. His ex is the … Continue reading

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Oh god, too much.

Entertainment galore. Today is what I like to call one of those “The world is too much for me today” days. I have very little problem-solving ability currently (attributable to hormonal flux). It’s weird. I can feel it when it … Continue reading

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