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Shirt of the Now – Friday, 12/23/2011

http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts-apparel/womens/eba6/?srp=15 Want to share?

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The New Orleans Story

NOTE: This story contains profanity and some strong sexual language. If you have tender sensibilities, you may want to skip this one. If not, this is the most epic story ever told about me. EVER. This story was posted on … Continue reading

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Shirt of the Now – Friday, 11/04/2011

Today’s Shirt of the Now is brought to you by Pepper’s Apothecary! They make completely irreverent t-shirts and awesome soaps. Strange combination, but I’m not one to judge. Especially since I now have a NINJA T-SHIRT! You too can have … Continue reading

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Skype’s New Moonwalks and Poofs of Smoke

If you use Skype, you’re probably familiar with chat tags that invoke little animated emoticons. Two of my favorites have been the (dance) tag and the (ninja) tag , (OF COURSE). For a while, there has been some debate between … Continue reading

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Things I do when I’m by myself

Not long ago, I found myself at home alone, bored. Usually this scenario results in me painting, making jewelry or screwing around on the internet for hours at a time. Other times, it results in AWESOME. This was one of … Continue reading

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